The OpenSesame Pay Per Use Membership Program

OpenSesame is the single largest source for online training courses. With more than 20,000 online training courses from 300+ different sellers, we make it easy for companies to find great online training courses to use with their employees. We are proud to announce our innovative Pay-Per-Use Membership Program that allows companies pay for just the online training they actually use.

With the memberhsip program, it doesn’t matter if you want to use 10 courses or hundreds - you can add them all to your curriculum, and we’ll only bill you for the courses your employees actually use. Here’s how you can get started.

1. Select courses with your dedicated Course Concierge

We will work directly with you to select the right mix of courses for your company. You will be assigned a dedicated Course Concierge to help you select your initial courses, as well as additional courses after you get started.

If want to make things really simple, we can provide you with a standard bundle of most of commonly used courses. Either way, we will work to make the selection process easy for you.

2. Load the courses and get started

Once you’ve selected your curriculum, we’ll create your licenses and you can log into your OpenSesame account to download SCORM packages you can use in your learning management system. 

In the case where you don't have an LMS, you can use OpenSesame’s CourseCloud to send email invitations to your employees.

3. Pay only for what you use

After you start using courses from OpenSesame, you’ll get billed monthly for only the courses your employees take. During set-up, you’ll either put down a deposit or add a credit card number to your account. At the end of every month, you’ll receive an invoice detailing how much you’ve been charged (or how much is left on your deposit). For example, if you have 4 employees begin taking Ethics and Business Conduct for Managers in a given month, you’ll see a charge of $79.96 on your invoice.

You’ll always be able to see your up-to-date usage on your Pay-Per-Use dashboard (accessible by clicking My Courses and then selecting “Pay-Per-Use Report”).

4. Optimize your library over time

As you see what courses your colleagues use, you can change the selection of courses you offer any time. We’re here to make it easy for you to offer your team the courses they need, instantly. 

5. A truly unique program

You can have your cake and eat it too. Through OpenSesame's Pay-Per-Use Membership Program, your company can create a library of courses perfectly suited to your needs. At the same time, you will no longer need to worry about paying for courses that only collect dust. 

At OpenSesame, we are committed to offering flexible pricing options to make online training more accessible to companies of all sizes. Questions? Contact us to get started designing your custom curriculum today!

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