Collaborate & Integrate with OpenSesame API

Collaborate & Integrate with OpenSesame API

The OpenSesame team believes in collaborating with our technology partners to solve problems and create elegant features for elearning professionals. To that end, we are thrilled to announce the release of the OpenSesame API. Our new read-write API will enable LMS developers to add value to their products through direct integration into the OpenSesame marketplace.

Integration for LMS Developers

The API will make it possible for LMS developers to integrate the OpenSesame catalog into any LMS. This will create two new opportunities for end users. First, LMS users will be able to find, research and purchase off-the-shelf content from within their LMS interface. Second, once customers have purchased a course, API integration will ensure that courses are automatically deployed in buyer’s LMS. This is the ultimate solution for ensuring system compatibility for customers.

LMS developers, we invite you to make the complicated course procurement process more simple for your customers. Let them shop for courses quickly and deploy them instantly through direct integration into our vibrant elearning marketplace.

We are proud that the OpenSesame API adds value to our partners’ products by enabling developers to leverage OpenSesame’s marketplace to offer additional features to their customers. Just as we believe in open, collaborative environments for learners, the OpenSesame Team believes in creating open and collaborative business relationships with our developer partners.

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Photo Credit: Licolnian on Flickr