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happy holidays

Happy Holidays from OpenSesame

2013 has been a great year for us here at OpenSesame. We've grown our catalog to more than 22,000 courses, expanded our weekly course deals, and will soon be adding a new subscription option. Of course, none of this would be possible without your support, and we thank you for your patronage. OpenSesame

How to buy guide

A Better Way to Buy eLearning: Introducing our “How to Buy” Guide

At OpenSesame, we strive to make buying elearning courses simple. Visitors to our site need to only click once to begin browsing our more than 22,000 courses, and can purchase seats directly from within our marketplace. In addition to our on-site buying options, OpenSesame provides several flexible purchasing programs ideal for the enterprise or small-to-medium… Read more »

Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2014

We are big fans of online tools here at OpenSesame. Websites and apps help us connect with others, keep up with current events, learn new skills, as well as can inspire us to think big. Online tools for learning enable and empower us in ways never imagined, and thousands are being created every day. Last… Read more »


Athenasia Consulting Simplifies the Marketing Plan Process

I’m Laurent Timmermans, Founder and Managing Director of Athenasia Consulting Ltd based in Hong Kong. My company’s goal is to help entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. Writing a Marketing Plan Although I have a master’s degree in management with a major in marketing, I found it quite difficult to write my first marketing… Read more »

Woman with crazy hair

Learning Resolutions: Inject More Humor

Hello, and welcome to the end of the year! If you’re like me, then you’re already sick of New Year’s resolutions because they never seem to work out the way you want them to. For example, every year I hope to lose weight with the ultimate goal of becoming invisible, but it just hasn’t happened… Read more »

Sustainability Lightbulb

Course of the Week Highlight: Time Management, Sustainability, and More!

Welcome back to our Course of the Week Highlight where we feature elearning deals from around OpenSesame! You’ll save on a variety of courses from tech & software, compliance & safety, business skills, to industry specific (construction, medical, restaurants, etc). This week’s deals include savings on time management, sustainability, and more!   Business Skills Effective… Read more »

right brain, left brain

4 Reasons eLearning is Perfect for Building Creative Skills

It seems counterintuitive at first glance: learning marketing and creative skills like copywriting or graphic design online? Don’t those skills need an in-person teacher? Not only is that not the case—it can actually be the opposite. Marketing and creative proficiency are actually perfect skills to acquire in an elearning environment. Here’s why: 1. You control… Read more »

Training Grants for Businesses By State

Upon entering the professional world, everyone learns the same lesson—education doesn’t stop after school. Learning is a life-long pursuit and often so much of our professional skills are shaped on the job, as opposed to in a classroom. If you’re not currently employed, however, or your industry experiences a sudden shift, access to continued training… Read more »

Thought Bubble

Kicking off Learning Resolutions for 2014

The holidays have always been a time of reflection for me. For a short while, the world slows down as everyone takes time to connect with friends and family. This short window of calm is a great opportunity to think about the accomplishments and lessons of the previous year, as well as what I learn… Read more »

Diversity Apple

Course of the Week Highlight: HTML, Diversity, and More!

Another week, another round of great elearning deals from OpenSesame! We’ve got savings from four categories: tech & software, compliance & safety, business skills, and industry specific (construction, medical, restaurants, etc). This week, save on a variety of subjects from HTML to diversity training.         Business Skills Getting the Job You Deserve:… Read more »

4 Steps to a More Positive (and Productive!) Workplace

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill, former British prime minister It seems logical that positive people would be more productive than negative people. The National Resource Center (NRC) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services characterizes negativity as a virus. You know… Read more »

Stressed Businessperson

INFOGRAPHIC: Workplace Stress and Mental Health

Workplace stress and mental health problems can have detrimental effects on your company’s bottom line. Part I of our two part series explores the costs of workplace stress through this infographic. Check back tomorrow for Part II to learn what you can do to support your employees and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act… Read more »

Black Friday

Friday News Roundup: Black Friday Edition

Welcome to Friday News Roundup: Black Friday Edition! Whether you’re spending the day at home, working, or shopping, there are deals to be had. We’ve put together resources from three of our favourite sites to help you take full advantage of the busiest shopping day of the year!   Lifehacker’s Everything You Need to Know… Read more »

Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving from OpenSesame!

To all of our American partners, we hope you’re enjoying your holiday! Just want to take the time to say we’re thankful for you. We’ve put together this video to show what each of us are thankful for this year. Have a wonderful day with your friends and family! Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful… Read more »

Sriracha bottles

Restaurant Tips for How to Make Sriracha Safely At Home

Yesterday, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered the popular Sriracha hot sauce maker, Huy Fong Foods, to shut down any operations at its Irwindale plant that could be causing the health issues experienced by surrounding residents. Over the past month, residents have complained of asthma, heartburn and nosebleeds they believe are results of the spicy odor produced… Read more »

Maximus head shot

Hello from our new Growth Marketing Lead!

Howdy! My name is Maximus Kang and I’m the new Growth Marketing Lead for OpenSesame. I’m based in Seattle, so having the 30 second commute every morning is a huge perk. What excites me most about OpenSesame is the potential it has to grow in the online/digital space. Recently, I realized where I heard about… Read more »