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Sales Win!

BYO Build Your Own Sales Curriculum

Want to build your sales knowledge and skills? Look no further than the following sales training from OpenSesame. Whether you’re just starting out in sales or are a seasoned pro, continuing your sales education is critical; the world of sales is always changing– you don’t want to be left behind.   Your sales style is… Read more »

Tips for Handling Sales Rejection

You’ve worked hard to improve your lead generation efforts, making sure you are attracting qualified companies that are interested in your product or service. You’ve got a rockstar team of trained business development professionals passionate about connecting with these companies to help solve their business challenges. All the pieces are in place for a great… Read more »

3 Hidden Tools To Increase LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn may lack the “cool” factor of Facebook and Twitter, leaving many to argue whether its platform holds the same power as its social networking counterparts. However, whereas Facebook and Twitter attempt to meet any and all needs of their consumers, LinkedIn has focused on the niche it knows best–professionals. As a result, LinkedIn has… Read more »


Hi from New Marketing and Community Associate

Hi! I’m Kate Cornelius, the new Marketing and Community Associate for OpenSesame. You may recognize me from the intern intro post as a lead marketing intern and as the author of blog posts throughout the summer. After taking about a month off, I’m back in a full-time marketing and community support role. I graduated last August… Read more »

Office Gossip

Course of the Week: Harassment and Diversity

Reducing and eliminating harassment and discrimination in the workplace is important for any company. Lawsuits can be costly, hurting your financial bottom line and your company’s reputation. Whether employee or manager, we can all benefit from a more harmonious, accepting workplace. This week’s ‘Course of the Week’ offering from Kantola Productions helps your company comply… Read more »

Can eLearning Help Avoid Discrimination in the Workplace?

We already know through yesterday’s post on implementing a diversity initiative that elearning courses focused on diversity can help train your employes on how to be more culturally competent and understanding. With a better understanding of each other’s cultures and our own biases, employees are more open to ideas and often develop better problem-solving skills.… Read more »

Diversity in the Workplace: Launching a Diversity Initiative

Diversity in the workplace involves more than just race. Education, religious views, and age represent some of the many facets of diversity. Implementing a diversity initiative in your office can help your employees respect the different backgrounds and experiences each individual brings to the workplace–otherwise known as cultural competence. Why does diversity matter? Organizations with… Read more »

Course of the Week: Personal Development and Wellness

So much of our focus from week to week is how we can be more productive. We feel pressure from coworkers, managers and clients to not only get more done, but to get it done FAST. Unfortunately this pressure often results in LESS productivity, as our anxiety and resulting bad mood paralyze us from moving… Read more »

Sales Performance International to Bring Premier Sales Training to OpenSesame Marketplace

The OpenSesame team is excited to announce our new partnership with Sales Performance International, a leading global provider of world-class sales training courses. This partnership will provide customers with SPI training courses directly from the OpenSesame marketplace. Sales Performance International is globally recognized as a leading sales performance improvement and sales training firm committed to… Read more »

4 Steps to Choosing an LMS

It’s no secret elearning courses are the future of corporate training. With the increased flexibility and richer user experience, more and more organizations are turning to online training as a way to expand and enhance their respective employee development programs. However, online training courses are only part of the equation. To really maximize an elearning… Read more »

Spruce Up Your Seller Profile for Optimal Presence and Performance

OpenSesame welcomes a variety of vendors to sell their content on OpenSesame. Sellers frequently ask how they can make the most of their seller account on OpenSesame. To make the most of the world’s marketplace for buying and selling online training content, sellers have the authority to determine how to present their company’s courseware on… Read more »

How does your company Internet policy stack up?

While the Internet can be a great tool for getting work done, it can also be a distraction to employees and a danger to security. Storing sensitive data, malware, hackers, illegal use of the Internet, and how your company is represented online can also pose significant risks to your business. It has never been more… Read more »

Top 5 Essential Social Media Marketing Podcasts

The scope of social media in our world today can be a bit difficult to rationalize at times. With 1.11 billion monthly users on Facebook, 550 million Twitter users, 40 million Instagram photos uploaded daily, and 100 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute, it seems like almost everyone is reaching out to grasp… Read more »

Pros and Cons of Live Chat for your Website

An increasing number of consumers are bypassing traditional customer service mediums (i.e. phone, email) and opting for channels like Twitter and live chat due to the faster, more personal nature of the communication. While successes on these mediums can mean lots of attention via positive tweets and posts, it can also mean a big committment… Read more »

Office Health Update: Dealing With the Recent Cyclospora Outbreak

This past month, a nasty outbreak of Cyclospora has been sweeping across the United States. The intestinal parasite has been linked to consumption of fresh produce contaminated with feces and other bacteria. Common intestinal infection symptoms show up within a week of exposure and can include diarrhea, loss of appetite, bloating, and fatigue. With the… Read more »