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7 Mac Apps to Boost Productivity

It’s Productivity Wednesday! Looking to boost your productivity? We’ve put together a list of Mac apps that assist in keeping you focused and on task such as tools that block time-wasting websites, modify the color of the screen depending on the time of day, access files in just a couple key presses, and more. Almost… Read more »

5 Ways Crowdfunding is Changing How We Raise Money

In 2012, crowdfunding platforms raised more than $2.7 billion and successfully funded more 1 million campaigns. With projected industry volume of $5.1 billion in 2013, the stage is set for explosive growth in this infant industry. What influence has crowdfunding had on our society and how will it continue to change society? Far from the… Read more »

2013 eLearning Industry Trends

eLearning is an explosive industry, likely to double in size over the next two years. If you are considering elearning as option for your corporate training needs, check out our infographic on industry trends and how OpenSesame is staying ahead of the curve.

Micro-Video Platforms: Vine vs. Instagram

Instagram recently equipped its users with the ability to share 15-second video clips on its photo sharing platform. This launch made many wonder about the fate of the app Vine, which became available to Android users in early June. The day after Instagram video launched, Vine shares on Twitter decreased over 50 percent, to 1.35… Read more »

6 Courses To Transform Hobbies Into Marketable Skills

35% of 38,000 employers report having difficulty in filling positions due to lack of talent, according to a 2013 survey by Manpower Group. One in four employers globally report the lack of experience as a major factor in talent shortage in the market. In this market scenario, it is important to keep your skills updated… Read more »

3 Tips to Planning Creative and Productive Meetings

Many times after a lengthy meeting, participants are left exhausted, unclear on objectives, and feeling the meeting wasn’t effective at all. In some unfortunate cases, the meeting may have even been used as a way to bureaucratically postpone a decision that needed to be made. It’s time to throw all you know about meeting planning… Read more »

SilkRoad and OpenSesame Expand Partnership to Include International Courses

SilkRoad, a leading global provider of cloud-based, end-to-end HR Solutions, has chosen OpenSesame to expand its online course offerings abroad. OpenSesame will provide 50 international courses from respected training provider Cegos to support SilkRoad’s award winning learning management system GreenLight in Europe and Asia. “Teaming with OpenSesame has provided our U.S. customers with tremendous flexibility… Read more »

iOS vs. Android: Which development platform is right for you?

Thinking of furthering your company’s digital presence? Getting into the mobile application market is a great choice. Developing an application, however, can take months and requires significant capital, so your company may have to prioritize development for one market over another. Phones running on iOS, Apple’s operating system, and Google’s Android make up 95% of… Read more »

Video Interview Success: 7 Tips to Impress

In 1921, Thomas Edison created an employment questionnaire for college graduates who wanted to work for him. The questionnaire was so tough that New York Times called it a “Tom Foolery Test”. Today, the trick to acing an interview is knowing how to present yourself–not just in person but across video and phone as well.… Read more »

Lessons from LEAP Ahead eLearning Conference 2013

Walking into the main room of the LEAP Ahead eLearning Conference this week, I was a bit frightened. Being new to the sector, I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the pros in the room. What if I slipped up and used the wrong acronym (don’t worry, I know the difference… Read more »

Webinar: 5 Best Practices for Employee Development

Development is a big deal – it is at the top of CEOs’ priority lists. Research studies show companies that develop their employees and do it well reap big rewards in terms of product innovation, market share, and efficiencies to name just a few. To help customers build successful professional development programs, OpenSesame is partnering… Read more »

Social Recruiting: Do’s and Don’ts with Chandlee Bryan Part II

Yesterday we shared a few ‘Do’s’ when it comes to beginning your social recruiting program. Today we’ll cover the ‘Don’ts’ and how to avoid these common pitfalls. Content is more than text If you aren’t producing compelling content on your social networks, chances are candidates won’t find your company compelling. Bryan believes businesses using Pinterest… Read more »

Social Recruiting: Do’s and Don’ts with Chandlee Bryan

A 2012 survey produced by Jobvite says 92% of recruiters use social media to employ candidates. With many recruiters describing an increase in candidate quantity and a decrease in time to hire, it’s no wonder social recruiting’s popularity has steadily increased over the past couple of years. Guided by the expertise of Chandlee Bryan, co-author… Read more »

Introducing Intern Class of Summer 2013 (Part II)

This week the last group of the Intern Class of Summer 2013 began here at OpenSesame. These fresh faced, bright eyed students join our current group, bringing the grand total to nine interns. Many have already had posts featured on our blog, so be on the lookout for more to come! Joe Becic I am… Read more »

Productivity Wednesday: Get your inbox under control!

Remember when hearing “You’ve Got Mail!” made your heart leap in excitement, anticipation building for what special message could be waiting on the other end? How fast times change. Now that little red number hovering over the inbox icon leaves us feeling overwhelmed and terrified. Getting an inbox down to zero is a rare victory,… Read more »