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Learning Resolutions: Make it Instant, Personal and Difficult

There are three things that I want to see evolve in elearning over the course of 2013: Personalization by the Learner (ability to drive sequence, modality and collaboration) Increased Rigor/Difficulty in Assessment (let the learner “fail” more on the way to success) Access to Real-Time Expertise (video chat with peers or teachers embedded in elearning)… Read more »

Learning Resolutions: Design Experiences, Not Content

What do you resolve to change or improve about your work in 2013? This is a more important question for me this year than it was last year. Around this time last year I was working in Corporate America where I didn’t have much flexibility in terms of ‘resolving’ change. After launching my own elearning… Read more »

Learning Resolutions: Disrupt, Interact, and Be Mobile

Resolution 1: Disrupt Myself It’s nearly impossible to keep up with the latest learning research, technologies and trends. Yet that’s what ultimately makes this field stimulating. If we don’t maintain and sustain a continually disruptive state, how can we change and grow? In the coming year, I resolve to disrupt myself. I resolve to seek… Read more »

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Quick and Easy Goals for 2013

Like many of the best goals, my 2013 goals are not lofty, but I have them firmly planted in my mind: I want to continue to co-host the (mostly) weekly web tv show, #eLearnChat. I am learning so much — at least as much about myself, as I am from the guests. I want to… Read more »

Learning Resolutions: Working Less to Accomplish More

In 2013, it’s time for me to do less… much less. The Pareto rule (or power laws of distribution) shows that success in a company is driven by the critical few, not the trivial many. So instead of attempting to boil the ocean trying to cover everything, it is better to focus on those key elements… Read more »

The Twitter Top 100: Education Technology Must-Follows

Getting “on Twitter” is just the first step. To make the most of Twitter for professional development and learning, you need to build a network of people with shared interests, unique experience and insights to network with and learn from. If you’re interested in education technology and training, we’ve got your starter kit right here.… Read more »

Top 10 Courses to Help You Survive Your Company Holiday Party

It’s December and that means it’s almost time for that dreaded annual event: the company holiday party. Prepare yourselves for a feast of mediocre food and awkward small talk, enlivened only by the one co-worker who has better-than-expected dance moves.  But we’re here for you. Take the 10 online training courses below and you’ll be… Read more »

Bringing Design Inspiration to Everyday Work

I have to start by saying that I typically don’t make New Year resolutions; when I see something that I want to change, I go ahead and do it. But this week, while traveling, I did something that I often do while away but rarely do at home: I went to a design exhibit. In this… Read more »

Course of the Week: Train Your Retail Team to Recognize Counterfeit Currency

Train Your Team to Recognize Counterfeit Currency by Counterfeit Forensics, LLC Don’t let holiday shoppers pass fake bills in your business Online training from a former U.S. Secret Service forensic scientist Learn to use pens and ultraviolet lights to detect fake currency Make sure your team doesn’t fall for scams during the holiday rush  

13 New Year’s Learning Resolutions for 2013

It seems like just yesterday we were blogging our holiday greetings and posting our Top Ten Learning Resources of 2011. It can’t possibly be time to wrap up 2012, can it? But New Year’s Day is just around the corner. We’re helping you get ready for 2013 with a series of Learning New Year’s Resolutions… Read more »

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Help Your Team Be Successful With Flexible Online Training

Too many companies treat learning and development as optional – either for each employee or for the organization as a whole. But learning is not just an optional HR expense – it’s an investment in employee satisfaction, innovation and the future of your company. In short, learning matters because in this era of exponential change… Read more »

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Fitting Your eLearning Program into Larger Corporate Strategy

In order to see the results you want from your elearning program, your training strategy can’t exist in a vacuum. Having well-trained, highly skilled carpenters in the office doesn’t help you if you own a printing company. Therefore, before you spend a cent on elearning courseware, online books, or any other online learning tools, you… Read more »

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The Argument for Online Training

When it comes to training, online vs. in-person is far from a settled debate. With arguments and preferences about efficacy, cost savings and speed-to-implement, it can be difficult to decide which way is best. Face-to-face classes are meant to be engaging and to give team members the chance to have their questions addressed by an… Read more »

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OpenSesame: eLearning Solutions for Corporations

Online learning is crucial for global enterprises and large corporations. Information travels more quickly than ever, meaning your team has to be constantly learning to stay ahead of the competition. They want to develop their skills to work smarter, but you have to give them opportunity. You must be able to provide the training they… Read more »

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Competency Mapping and the Power of the eLearning List

How do you get your team from point A to point B? Give them too much information and they’ll become overwhelmed. Give them too little and they won’t be sufficiently prepared to do their job. In a world where “content is king”, curation is a necessity for teams to stay on track and avoid being… Read more »

How to Prepare for CompTIA Network+ Certification

So you’ve decided you want to take your career to the next level by getting Network+ certification. Smart move – a technical certification demonstrates to your employers that you’re committed to continuing to grow in your field. But how do you stay focused on that commitment? I can say from experience that studying while holding… Read more »

OpenSesame Now Offers More Than 5,000 Courses for iPad & iPhone

We are  proud to announce that OpenSesame now offers more than 5,000 courses that work on iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices. Workers in today’s knowledge economy need access to training content that works on their favorite mobile tools – especially on best-selling iPads. To meet this increasing demand, OpenSesame has developed technology that enables… Read more »

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Reduce, Prevent and Cope With Stress

It seems everyone is talking about stress these days. Economists posit theories about who experiences stress and why. Psychologists illuminate the devastating effect stress has on our metal health. Doctors warn of the health consequences of excess stress, including high blood pressure, suppressed immune system, and increased risk of heart attack and stroke. OpenSesame offers… Read more »

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Active Listening: A Primer

In the business world, long-term success hinges on excellent active listening skills. Many people mistake active listening for passively taking notes during a presentation, or worse – they think of ‘listening’ as ‘waiting quietly for their turn to speak.’. True active listening requires practice, patience, and engagement. It involves considering the speaker’s intentions, the context… Read more »