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Solving the 'iPad Problem'

As consumers, learners and others go increasingly mobile, the glaring weakness in many eLearning platforms becomes more obvious. Most eLearning authors embed much of their learning experience in Flash movies– which are incompatible with Apple’s mobile devices. The iPad– and to a lesser extent the iPhone– have come to dominate their markets and consumers want… Read more »

Microsoft Outlook Training: 7 Great Outlook Productivity Tips

Microsoft Outlook Training: 7 Great Outlook Productivity Features

In the modern workplace, time is a scarce commodity. While email has made communication faster and easier, without proper maintenance our email inboxes can become another source of workplace stress. Applying the proper tools to inbox organization will help you to use email as the powerful communication tool it is meant to be. Microsoft Outlook… Read more »

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Office Ergonomics: Staying Safe and Healthy in the Workplace

It may not seem like working in an office environment would pose many dangers to personal safety. However, if the proper ergonomic procedures are not used, employees can develop and suffer from serious long-term injuries that can affect their day-to-day lives. Simple ergonomic techniques such as adjusting your seat to the correct level, using footrests,… Read more »

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The Top 10 Free eLearning Courses on OpenSesame

Interested in testing the elearning waters? Want to try the unique OpenSesame buying process without actually having to buy anything? Have a couple of minutes to pick up a new skill? If your answer to any or all of these questions is, “Yes!” you’ll be pleased to know that OpenSesame has a number of FREE… Read more »

OpenSesame's 12/12 License

If you’re an elearning buyer, you’re used to frustration, inflexibility and negotiation. You’re used to seeing licenses you’ve paid for go to waste because circumstances changed or schedules got in the way – and you’re not used to vendors who say “yes”. It’s OpenSesame’s goal to make elearning work for you, with flexible purchasing and… Read more »

Dealing With HAZMAT: What Employers Need to Know

Hazardous materials, also known as HAZMAT, are present in numerous professions. What seems to be an ordinary product might be flammable, toxic, or even explosive. It is essential for professionals in environments where they may encounter hazardous materials to receive adequate training on handling dangerous goods. Though one might only be responsible for a specific… Read more »

Keeping Up With Your eLearning Course Sales on OpenSesame

If you’re a seller in the OpenSesame elearning marketplace, no doubt you want to know how your courses are selling. OpenSesame’s dashboard provides real-time sales data to help you understand what’s selling, when. Viewing Sales Data Start by logging into OpenSesame and clicking “My Account” in the top right of the navigation bar. This is… Read more »

Immersive eLearning Environments: Why They Work

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” —Maya Angelou eLearning courses provide opportunity to create simulated learning environments, where learners can experiment safely and demonstrate skills. Immersive eLearning environments emotionally engage learners by adding verbal and nonverbal… Read more »

6 Courses for Simple Software Upgrades

Is your company running on outdated software? More than 30 percent of people across the United States are still running Windows XP even though it came out more than 10 years ago. Companies are almost as far behind. Many are still using software like Microsoft Office 2003 – they’re aware that it is outdated, but… Read more »

Course of the Week: Take Charge of Your Own Life & Carry Your Own Weather

Thousands of courses, instantly  Employee Development Regulation Compliance Business Growth Taking Charge of Your Life by FranklinCovey Take charge of your life with insights from FranklinCovey Help employees set and achieve goals Enable your organization to overcome challenges Improve employees’ ability to lead change  Starting at $7.99    Top business courses Leadership Development Conflict Resolution… Read more »

OpenSesame Now Offers FranklinCovey Courses

OpenSesame is pleased to announce that the OpenSesame catalog now features personal change and business skills courses from FranklinCovey, the world-renowned leadership, business and personal effectiveness training experts. Ninety percent of Fortune 100 companies rely on FranklinCovey to train their employees in leadership, strategy execution, individual effectiveness, and customer loyalty. With more than 25 years… Read more »

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Workplace Harassment Courses for Supervisors

As a manager or supervisor, it is important that your employees feel safe and comfortable in the workplace. Workplace harassment can be a substantial problem for everyday business operations and can lead to expensive lawsuits if not properly handled by management. The OpenSesame marketplace offers a wide range of effective workplace harassment training courses and… Read more »

Engage Employees in your Sustainability Efforts with Training Courses from Green Education Online

Promote sustainability! Go green! When a business wants to take steps to become more sustainable, where do they turn? Most companies understand the benefits of ‘going green’ – both for their bottom line, and the welfare of their employees and the environment. But where can companies go to receive high-quality sustainability information that they can… Read more »

Course of the Week: Get Employees Up to Speed with Microsoft Word 2010

Thousands of courses, instantly  Employee Development Regulation Compliance Business Growth Microsoft Word 2010 Level 1, Lesson 1 by Sonic Performance Support Get employees up to speed with Microsoft Word 2010 Help employees use essential software Reduce downtime spent with tech support Make sure your documents look professional Starting at $3.48    Top desktop applications courses… Read more »

Introducing the eLearning Expert Review Panel

OpenSesame is excited to announce our panel of expert course reviewers. In April, we began our search for elearning experts to help analyze our catalog and give us their expert opinions on the libraries of courses in the OpenSesame marketplace. The team we selected reflects experienced perspectives on elearning, from content creation to instructor development.… Read more »

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4 Fire Safety Training Courses

The Christmas lights have been put away for a while and we’re opening the windows instead of turning up the heat, but the summer is no time to ignore fire hazards in the workplace. Some of the most common reasons fires start in the summer are: Cooking indoors Grilling outside 4th of July fireworks Air… Read more »