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Online Learning is More Than Learning, Online

While I am often skeptical of “management gurus”, “consultants” and other self-proclaimed know-it-alls – so many platitudes, so little actionable advice! – I really enjoy Seth Godin’s work. I usually find his advice inspiring and his words cut through the blather. Yesterday, he posted “Form and Function”, an analysis of how when the form of… Read more »

New in the Catalog: Microsoft Office Training from Sonic Performance Support

Today we’re excited to announce our elearning marketplace now features excellent Microsoft Office training courses from our partners at Sonic Performance Support. Sonic Performance Support is a leader in developing video elearning and workplace support for all learning levels in short, engaging and easily understandable “bursts” of training content focused on desktop applications as well… Read more »

Collaborative Consumption in Corporate Training: Make your Learning Department a Profit Center

In these difficult times, it’s essential to find innovative ways to do more with less, to repurpose or recycle existing resources and to find creative solutions for workplace challenges. These economic pressures are driving the growing trend toward collaborative consumption: Sharing or renting instead of buying. Car sharing services like ZipCar and rental sites like… Read more »

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OpenSesame Selected for Venture Northwest

We are proud to announce that we have been selected to present at Venture Northwest! The Oregon Entrepreneurs’ Network (OEN) organizes Venture Northwest each year to connect investors, venture capital firms and investment bankers to exciting young companies based in the Pacific Northwest. As a Portland-based startup, we’re thrilled to be representing our hometown and… Read more »

Hitting the Road to Talk Social Media

Hitting the Road to Talk Social Media

The OpenSesame team is incredibly proud of our partnership with LINGOs (Learning in NGOs), a leader in providing learning and development resources to humanitarian organizations like the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and CARE. These organizations do life-saving work addressing crises such as the current famine in Somalia. As a result of their dispersed areas of focus,… Read more »

The Cable Companies Make Their Content Chunky

The Cable Companies Make Their Content Chunky

There’s a reason cable companies are some of the most-hated businesses in America: they don’t make it easy to buy their product. The options are few, the prices high and the terms inflexible. As a result of the global recession and emerging competitors like Netflix and Hulu,  the number of cable subscribers in America has… Read more »

Emerging Technology for Learning

Emerging Technology for Learning

This week, OpenSesame’s Josh Blank and ej4’s Dan Cooper gave a presentation at the Enterprise Learning Conference and Expo on the applications of exciting new technologies for learning: video, games, mobile, and social. Of course, these are buzzwords you hear every day. The objective of Josh and Dan’s presentation was to provide listeners with concrete… Read more »

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Cisco Sales Essentials Training from Tech 2000

After a few months of hard work, we are thrilled to announce that we now offer an effective and engaging course on Cisco Sales Essentials 5.0 thanks to our partnership with the great course developers at Tech 2000. Cisco software and equipment training is complex and in-depth, so it requires talented elearning developers to deliver… Read more »

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HTML 5 vs. Native Apps: A Look at the Pros & Cons

Mobile learning is hot. The data on the prevalence of smart mobile devices and consumers’ increasing comfort with using mobile devices is a persuasive argument. Learning and development professionals are looking for the best ways to enable learners to find information in the context that they will actually use that information. But how to create… Read more »


The Marketplace Theme at TechCrunch Disrupt

This week the OpenSesame management team is attending TechCrunch Disrupt, the semi-annual startup conference convened by TechCrunch, the tech news blog. We’re attending Disrupt to learn about creating and growing technology companies and to meet people who can help us get better at our jobs. While the executive team is on the spot in San… Read more »

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New Funding for the World’s eLearning Marketplace

Today we are proud to share big news from OpenSesame HQ: We have raised $2 million in funding to accelerate OpenSesame’s development (for full details, read the press release). While it’s great news, this funding announcement isn’t our OpenSesame success story. Our success will be measured by creating products that customers love – because they… Read more »

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Syntrio eLearning: Interactive, Multimedia Training Courses

At OpenSesame, our goal is to build the world’s marketplace for elearning courses: a broad, fresh catalog of content covering diverse topics with a variety of interactive approaches. As we expand our marketplace, we’re thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Syntrio to add their rich catalog of elearning courses to OpenSesame. Syntrio is… Read more »

508 Compliant Training: What Does Section 508 Mean for You?

“Accessibility” is an elusive trait in elearning, as in life. Many elearning sellers create “accessible” courses, and it’s a popular feature for courses in the OpenSesame elearning marketplace. Nonetheless, we get tons of questions about what “accessible” really means. Whenever I get a pile of questions about the same topic, I know it’s time for a… Read more »

OpenSesame On The Road

OpenSesame On The Road

As conference season ramps up, the OpenSesame team packs our bags. We’re ordering hoodies, making hotel reservations and looking forward to meeting the elearning buyers and sellers who use OpenSesame to meet their learning and development needs. Events

What I Learned from Robert Redford: Learning is About Finding the Right Information

The State of Digital Education

With thanks to the great folks at Knewton for making it possible to share their excellent infographic on the state – and future – of elearning and digital education. Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

eLearning Taoism Through Minecraft

eLearning Taoism Through Minecraft

When I read the Tao Te Ching in my freshman year of high school I didn’t really get it. The principle texts of Taoism were just a little bit too… vague for my high school self. All of the talk about going with the flow, and the impermanence of the universe was just too much… Read more »