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QMR Brings Soft Skills and Compliance Training to Life

The OpenSesame team is pleased share a new catalog of management, soft skills and ethics courses from Quality Media Resources (QMR). The QMR team, led by founders Robert and Patricia Rosell, builds excellent courses that use video to illustrate abstract concepts with real examples, excellent characterizations and compelling stories. Since 1992, QMR has dedicated their… Read more »

social media is about connections

It's Not About Your Social Media Policy

  Last year I was interviewed for a promotional video for for a local community parks program. I was chatting with the nonprofit organization’s outreach director about their communications strategy – and she mentioned that her agency had not done much with social media yet, but was hoping to use this video as a jumping-off… Read more »

top 10 learning resources of 2011

Top Ten Learning Resources of 2011

The year-end top 10 lists are something of a cliche, but I love them! They’re fun to read and inspire reflection. In honor of the approaching year-end, here are my top resources of 2011: Sites, articles or resources I visited over and over again, sent to colleagues, memorized or otherwise relied upon, in no particular order.… Read more »

top 10 learning resources of 2011

December Newsletter & Holiday Greetings

Holiday Greetings from OpenSesame This holiday season, the OpenSesame team is celebrating a year of growth. From the number of courses for sale in the OpenSesame marketplace to the number of hoodies we’ve given to buyers, sellers and partners, we’ve grown aggressively throughout 2011. We deeply appreciate the support, participation and engagement of the entire… Read more »

SCORM publishing settings

Course Authoring Tools: Tips on SCORM Settings

As an open marketplace for buying and selling elearning courses, OpenSesame supports a variety of different elearning course formats: SCORM (both 2004 and 1.2), AICC and video files. (For more information about our SCORM video player, check out the release notes.) We have rapidly become experts at fine-tuning SCORM publishing settings in a variety of… Read more »

the Scrooge McDuck of elearning

Waste Not, Want Not

People make spending decisions often with good intentions – not reality – in mind. Maybe you plan to save money and time or fulfill personal goals – but when the reality and good intentions meet, those spending decisions can beget serious waste: Good intentions. This time of year, tons of people sign one year contracts… Read more »

the Scrooge McDuck of elearning

Course of the Week: Bloodborne Pathogens by Convergence Training

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 Bloodborne Pathogens   $25per seat         Volume Discount Price 2-49 24% $19.00 50-99 30% $17.50 100-499 35% $16.25 500-999 40% $15.00 1000+ 50% $12.50 Bloodborne Pathogens by Convergence Training Meet your workplace safety goals with engaging, effective training from Convergence. This interactive course uses 3D animations to bloodborne… Read more »

Course of the Week: Verbal Communication by ej4

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 Verbal Communication   $4.99       per seat Volume Discount Price 10-49 3% $4.84 50-99 7% $4.64 100-499 14% $4.29 500-999 20% $3.99 1000+ 40% $2.99 Verbal Communication by ej4 How do you make a point effectively in a conversation? What voice traits make you more persuasive? More credible? How do you eliminate… Read more »

marketing elearning courses

Marketing Your eLearning Courses

So you’re an elearning developer, and you’ve added your courses for sale in the OpenSesame marketplace. It’s time to focus on fine-tuning the ways you present your course to make it easy for customers to find you. By popular demand, we have compiled our tips on marketing elearning courses in order to maximize sales opportunities.… Read more »

the future of talent management

Cheatsheet: Three Action Items from the Bersin Prediction Report

Research reports are great. In-depth analysis, thoughtful dissection of emerging trends, nuggets of wisdom for the future. But, they have one downside. They’re long, and you’re busy. But I’m here to help you out, with all you need to know for your next elearning cocktail party. Bersin & Associates, leading analysts in the talent management,… Read more »

Bestselling elearning

Six Tips for Building an eLearning Bestseller

As we’ve just reached our first anniversary, I’ve been reflecting on some of the lessons learned from the last year of building the world’s first marketplace for buying and selling elearning courses. To celebrate this milestone, I’m happy to share our tips on what kinds of courses appeal to buyers and how you can make… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving!

What We're Thankful For

As Thanksgiving approaches, and we all hustle to the grocery store, pack bags and brine turkeys, we are reflecting on all we have to be thankful for. And at OpenSesame, that’s a lot! On behalf of the OpenSesame team, I’d like to say a big, hearty thank you to the entire elearning community. Over the… Read more »

Training means success and success means training

Fighting the Forever Recession with Forever Learning

As learning and development professionals, our sector is immersed in a lively conversation about changing the way we do training within organizations: Saving money, preventing waste, doing a better job connecting employees to learning resources and to each other. But that’s not the only thing the training world needs to be thinking about. We need to… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Job?

Inspired by a recent article in the Oregonian about the cost of creating a new job in Oregon, we decided to take a look at what resources are necessary to create a job at the national scale – and how much it costs. As a company focused on professional learning opportunities, we’re particularly interested in… Read more »

Apple TV

What Is eLearning Waiting For?

Apple has revolutionized consumer devices – not just through great hardware design but through forward thinking about the ways consumers find, select, purchase and use content with their devices. While Apple is dominant in music, web content and phones, so far, TV has resisted the Apple golden touch. Why? Last week I read this great… Read more »

The Aria hotel room's control panel

DevLearn 2011: Clicky Clicky Bling Bling and The Aria Hotel

Last week I traveled to Las Vegas with several of my colleagues for the eLearning Guild’s DevLearn 2011 – a meeting for learning and development designers and professionals to share ideas, skills and best practices. Like many of the conference attendees, I stayed at The Aria, a brand-new, plush hotel in Las Vegas’ City Center… Read more »

OpenSesame Has 3,000 Courses to Choose From

A year ago, OpenSesame launched our elearning marketplace to a discerning crowd of learning and development professionals at DevLearn. This year we’re celebrating our one year anniversary at DevLearn with a new milestone: Our catalog has now reached the 3,000 course mark.  Throughout the last year, our most important goal has been creating the broadest,… Read more »

Make the Most of #DevLearn

The OpenSesame team will be traveling to Las Vegas this week for DevLearn, the eLearning Guild’s annual scrum for elearning developers, leaders and thinkers. We’ll be manning booth #417 with hundreds of hoodies and OpenSesame keychains – and a handful of iPads. We look forward to conferences as excellent opportunities to hear new ideas, meet… Read more »