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Learning Styles: What Is All the Fuss About?

I’ve recently been reading quite a few articles, tweets and blog posts about whether learning styles exist. Most I read make their arguments against, but there are still others who are holding onto their belief in the various models and theories. Both sides are blogging, tweeting and retweeting in defense of their positions. Frankly, I… Read more »

Atomic Training

5 Ways Your Company Could Benefit from Online Software Training

Continued education and training is a key component in any organization, but it can be a costly and time consuming process. This doesn’t need to be the case. With online software training, you provide your organization the flexibility of learning what they need, when they need it.  You’re not tied into specific dates or classes.… Read more »

OpenSesame's Place in the Global eLearning Market

OpenSesame is more than just a marketplace for English-language training content – our Global Team is focusing on developing a worldwide network of buyers and sellers who create and share content in any language. Tera Wu, our International Business Development Manager, was recently interviewed for Online-Edu, a Chinese language blog covering educational technology in the… Read more »

Five Ways to Write Great Course Descriptions

Five Tips for Interesting Course Descriptions

If you’re a seller in the OpenSesame elearning marketplace, your course pages are a key opportunity to make an impression on potential buyers. Here are the five essential steps to creating a great OpenSesame course page: Add an interesting selection of images. Customers’ eyes are captured by images – so upload several beautiful screenshots of your… Read more »

Five Ways to Write Great Course Descriptions

Course of the Week: Mastering Management by Enspire Learning

​ ​ Wednesday, February 21, 2012 Mastering Management: Coaching     $95/seat       Mastering Management: Coaching By Enspire Learning   Coaching skills often determine the success or failure of a manager’s relationship with his or her employees. Yet, many new-and experienced-managers lack basic coaching techniques and the confidence to provide effective feedback. Mastering Management: Coaching… Read more »

Five Ways to Write Great Course Descriptions

Five Tips for a Captivating Seller Profile

If you’re a seller in the OpenSesame elearning marketplace, your profile is more than just a quick stop on your way to to selling training courses – it’s your opportunity to help customers find your courses and to feel confident about them. Here’s five essential steps to creating a great OpenSesame seller profile: Add an… Read more »

Five Ways to Write Great Course Descriptions

Course of the Week: Microsoft Excel 2010 by TutorPro

  ​ ​ Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Microsoft Excel 2010   $7.50 & up      Volume Discount Price 1-30 0% $30.00 31-199 25% $22.50 200-499 50% $15.00 500+ 75% $7.50   Microsoft Excel 2010 by TutorPro     TutorPro builds short and targeted courses to enable learners to use Microsoft Office tools more effectively and productively.… Read more »

Top Ten eLearning and Training Topics for 2012

As elearning continues to comprise a growing portion of the overall mix of corporate training and learning initiatives, elearning developers are eager to position themselves ahead of the curve. What courses are in demand? Where can they differentiate their services? Based on data from our own marketplace and industry-leading analysts, here’s our Top Ten eLearning… Read more »

Employee Training Courses Are The Foundation

For managers, training is often a short term project – providing employees with the skills they need in the short term to accomplish new projects and improve productivity. But investing in training and development is not just a way to improve employee performance – it’s a great way to boost employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.… Read more »

Make your elearning a best seller

Making Your eLearning Initiative an Internal Bestseller

As elearning developers, training coordinators and instructional designers, we create great courses, programs and materials. But that’s only half the battle. How can we make sure we get wide adoption and engagement in the assets and resources populating our learning management systems? On this blog, Kelly Meeker’s Dec 7 article provided some sage advice on how… Read more »

eLearning 101: How to Make an eLearning Course

For all of you subject matter experts, trainers and performance consultants of every background, this one’s for you. Here’s eLearning 101: a guide to the tools of the trade to get you started building courses. Understanding SCORM Before we begin with the tools, you need to learn one quick, key term: SCORM. The sharable content… Read more »

Course of the Week: Projecting Inventory Buys (Course & Calculator)

​ ​ Wednesday, February 1, 2012 Projecting Inventory Buys (Course & Calculator)   $119 & up      Volume Discount Price 1-5 0% $149.00 5-49 10% $134.10 50-99 15% $126.65 100+ 20% $119.20   Projecting Inventory Buys (Course & Calculator) By Retail Owners Institute   Most retailers have heard of the inventory managing tool “Open-to-Buy”. But too often,… Read more »

On eLearn Magazine: A Curator's Tools and To Do List

We’re proud to share our first article in eLearn Magazine: A Curator’s Tools & To Do List, an exploration of using curation techniques to manage information in the enterprise environment.  Are you using curation techniques in your organization? Tell us about it in the comments!