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3 Steps to Developing Content That Sells Itself

Earlier this week, we discussed tips from Vado, Inc. co-founders Kim Egan and Cindy Pascale on eliminating ‘scrap learning’ in an organization. The HR veterans presented valuable insights about setting measurable goals, understanding employee expectations and making elearning desirable to employees. By making sure elearning is broken down into implementable chunks, the amount of time… Read more »

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Reducing Scrap Learning with Vado, Inc.

Introducing Vado, Inc. OpenSesame is excited to announce the addition of Vado Inc. courses to our elearning marketplace. Vado, Inc. co-founders Kim Egan and Cindy Pascale have arrived at unique conclusions about how to translate an organization’s desire to enable employees to improve their skills into real results. Both Kim and Cindy come from an… Read more »

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5 Keys to eLearning Effectiveness

Yesterday, we partnered up with Dawn Kohler of The Inside Coach to co-host a webinar on increasing utilization of elearning courses within an organization. Dawn spoke to viewers about the benefits of elearning – and the pitfalls. While surveys prove that employees prefer on-line training and learn more from ecourses, businesses are still having a… Read more »

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A Penguin Who Changed China:

Free services and entertainment are two of the most important things Chinese people look for on the web and there is no Internet company that knows Chinese netizens better than In the past 12 years, Tencent has developed China’s most popular instant messenger, built up China’s largest online game platform, and created China’s hottest… Read more »

Sina Weibo

The King of Chinese Social Media: Sina Weibo

Weibo has changed the world for Chinese netizens. As a top social network in China (the name literally means “Microblog”), Sina Weibo, known as the Chinese Twitter, affects Chinese people’s experience of political events, current events and interactions with celebrities. Since Sina Weibo has a simple and user-friendly interface, it’s widely used by both the… Read more »

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OpenSesame Now Features International Business Courses from Cegos

We are proud to announce a great new addition to the OpenSesame training marketplace: eLearning courses from Cegos, the leading global provider of management, finance, marketing, sales and operations content localized into 13 languages, including French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic.  For many of our customers, finding learning resources for international staff members is a… Read more »

The Portland Tech Community & the Crowdfund Act

On Wednesday, OpenSesame co-founder Josh Blank participated in a roundtable discussion led by United States Senator Jeff Merkley among entrepreneurs and tech leaders on The Crowdfund Act – new legislation designed to make raising capital easier for new businesses. As a new startup, OpenSesame has worked hard to build our business, develop our customer base and raise the… Read more »

Effective eLearning: How to Take Usage from 9% to 90%

We’re proud to announce a great opportunity for the OpenSesame community: Dawn Kohler, CEO of the Inside Coach, will offer a webinar May 30th focused on increasing the utilization and usefulness of your online learning content. Dawn is an expert business coach and elearning developer, with years of experience in working with businesses of all… Read more »

Measurement and Analytics for Learning

This month I’ve been thrilled to write a series of posts on creating measurement and analytics models on the American Society for Training & Development’s blog. It has been my goal to address this complex topic with specific recommendations and models you can implement in your organization. This series doesn’t shy away from specifics. It… Read more »

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OpenSesame Joins the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network Webinar Series

OpenSesame is proud to announce that co-founders Josh Blank and Tom Turnbull will appear next week on the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network “Life in an Incubator” webinar series, sharing our experience working and growing in the Portland State University Business Accelerator. As a startup technology company, OpenSesame depends on our network of experienced entrepreneurs and technologists… Read more »

We want you for the OpenSesame expert reviewer panel

Calling All eLearning Experts: Join Our Review Panel and Get Paid to Learn

OpenSesame is building the world’s marketplace for online learning content, with a comprehensive selection of courses from sellers covering everything from communication and sales skills to website development and Cisco server administration.  It’s our goal to connect the ecommerce experience you’re used to on Amazon to elearning, with flexible purchasing, transparent pricing and of course,… Read more »

Five reasons to use online training

Five Reasons More U.S. Manufacturers Use Online Training

While many U.S. industrial facilities still use time-consuming classroom training for repetitive site-specific orientations, more progressive manufacturers are turning to online training to reduce injuries, lower costs, and make better use of valuable classroom training time. Here are five important reasons why. Make better use of valuable classroom time. There is often unwarranted contention between… Read more »

Renren logo The Facebook of China’s Younger Generation

Social networks are transforming the ways people communicate, from meeting new friends and staying in touch with family to building professional networks and creating learning communities. While Chinese social networkers don’t have access to Facebook and Twitter, they use a variety of Chinese applications to make the most of the opportunities provided by online social… Read more »


OpenSesame and Reviewsnap Partner to Integrate Performance Management and Corporate Training

OpenSesame (, the elearning marketplace, and Reviewsnap (, the leading cloud-based performance management software solution, today announced a powerful partnership. The alliance integrates the services of both companies, giving Reviewsnap customers greater and more streamlined access to performance management content. OpenSesame is an online marketplace for corporate training courses, where buyers choose from more than… Read more »

elearning waste

Reduce Your eLearning Spending with the Pay-Per-Use Model

“Inventory is waste.” That’s the well-known slogan of the just in time inventory control model, but it doesn’t just apply to widgets or office supplies. An unused inventory of elearning courses is just as wasteful. Many companies get their elearning in bulk: Enticed or forced to sign long-term contracts or purchase big subscriptions, they spend… Read more »

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Reporting from the E-Learning Heroes Roadshow in Portland

Yesterday the OpenSesame team had the distinct pleasure of hosting two real E-Learning Heroes, David Anderson and Tom Kuhlmann from Articulate, for a workshop in Portland, Oregon, our hometown. We had a great day, full of learning, discussion and treats like Stumptown Coffee and cookies. Tom and David travel all over the country conducting these… Read more »


HTML5 for Multimedia Experiences: Judy Unrein at Learning Solutions

Interactivity is not just built in Flash anymore, Toto! With tools like HTML5 and Javascript, developers can create rich interactive experiences that load quickly, work on any device and provide full accessibility for readers of any kind (whether human or robot!) – all big challenges elearning developers face when developing and delivering interactive experiences. Last… Read more »

using iphones to access the web

Developing for the Mobile Web: Native vs. Web Apps

As mobile devices represent a fast and growing proportion of overall web use, one of the big, knotty challenges web developers face is whether developing a native app (one, for example, that’s bought or sold in the App Store) or a web app (one accessed through the mobile device’s browser) is the way to go.… Read more »

LINGOS global giveback

OpenSesame Partners with LINGOs for the Global Giveback Competition

OpenSesame is proud to partner with LINGOs (Learning in Non Governmental Organizations), a fabulous nonprofit working to create, gather and connect learning resources for humanitarian organizations. Each year, LINGOs partners with The eLearning Guild and OpenSesame to organize the eLearning Global Giveback Competition. The Global Giveback competition connects LINGOs members to volunteer elearning developers who… Read more »