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Lab tech washing hands in sink

Top 10 Most Frequently Cited OSHA Standards

In 1970, Congress enacted the Occupational Safety and Health Safety Act to regulate work practices and ensure that employers and their employees reduce the amount of job related injuries, illnesses, and death. OSHA regulations include guidelines for employees to limit chemical exposure, increase access to information, and enforce requirements for the use of personal protective… Read more »

Lab tech washing hands in sink

Course of the Week: Hazard Communication for OSHA Compliance

  Thousands of courses, instantly ™ Regulation Compliance Employee Development Business Growth   OSHA – Hazard Communication by Vivid Learning Systems Keep employees safe and comply with OSHA regulations Understand information provided on label or MSDS Detect the presence of hazardous chemicals Understand how to protect yourself  As low as $8.40 Top Compliance Courses Sexual… Read more »

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OSHA Regulations & Safety Training Solutions by Vivid Learning

There is no predicting the potential costs a workplace accident can create for your company. Beyond the financial obligations, you want to ensure that your employees are comfortable and able to work efficiently without having to worry about their safety. Fortunately, many of these workplace accidents can be avoided if the proper safety and communication… Read more »

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How to Speak Like an eLearning Pro

With the increasing shift to elearning, new people have the “jargon experience” each day. For novices, it can be difficult to get started when the response to a simple question is laden with what sounds like absolute gibberish: “No problem! All we have to do is to convert all the media to .flv so it… Read more »

Solve Training Needs Now With Course Bundles

OpenSesame’s newest feature is course bundles, or “playlists” of training courses purchased as a group. Top sellers throughout the OpenSesame elearning marketplace are using this new feature to create curated groups of courses. The course bundle sales format is useful for providing a complete, competency-based curriculum. For example, if your marketing analytics company is switching… Read more »

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Are Business Values Important?

Valuing your business by the bottom line is certainly important, but what about valuing your business by its values? Workplace values go unnoticed until a major corporate scandal rocks the business world. When Enron’s accounting fraud was brought to light, commentators highlighted the major disconnect between the company’s stated values (communication, respect, integrity and excellence)… Read more »

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Top 10 Destinations to Study for Academics

Over the past two decades, students from all over the world have been studying abroad in huge numbers. According to the International Institute of Education, around 270,000 American students studied abroad in 2010. While the cultural aspect of the experience often takes precedence, it is also important to choose a good university in terms of… Read more »

Opera house in Paris, France

Course of the Week: Sexual Harassment for Supervisors

Thousands of courses, instantly ™ Business Growth Employee Development Business Growth   Sexual Harassment for Supervisors by J .J. Keller Help your supervisors prevent sexual harassment Learn to prevent harassment in the workplace Create a welcoming, productive environment Stop lawsuits and boost team morale Starting at $12 Exclusive: FranklinCovey Team Courses Team Victory Effective Execution… Read more »

Transportation Safety Lessons From the Iditarod

Office safety training may seem unnecessary if you work in an office like ours. Each day here at OpenSesame, we sit at our desks typing furiously on our laptops. It seems the greatest occupational hazard we face is carpal tunnel, or – at worst – bruises from a broken office chair. But safety training becomes… Read more »

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25 Online Resources to Make You a Photoshop Expert

Photoshop is the leading photo editing software on the market, with hundreds of functions and applications. While almost anyone can crop a photo, even the pros take years to master the use of the myriad tools – from color correction to more dramatic editing. In a fast-paced, competitive global business arena, just getting by isn’t… Read more »

10 Tips for CRUSHING Your Next Presentation

More than half of Americans would rather die than speak publicly. This means more than half of Americans willingly reject incredible opportunities to share their best ideas with a captive audience – opportunities that could prove to be career-changers. Luckily, being comfortable with public speaking is not something some people have and others don’t. It… Read more »

Course of the Week: FranklinCovey's Tips for Managing Your Time

Thousands of courses, instantly  Employee Development Regulation Compliance Business Growth How to Manage Your Time Effectively by FranklinCovey FranklinCovey’s tips for managing your time Develop a culture of preparation and prevention Eliminate distractions from top priorities Focus your energy where it counts Starting at $7.99 FranklinCovey Team-Building Courses Team Victory Effective Execution Make a Difference… Read more »

The OpenSesame Seller Community: 200 Strong and Growing

OpenSesame is the world’s leading marketplace for buying and selling elearning courses – and we rely on our community of sellers to offer our customers the widest selection of elearning courses all in one place. This week we reached a major milestone: Our 200th seller, PTT, joined the elearning marketplace. And then we quickly reached… Read more »

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5 Reasons Your eLearning Course Doesn't Work For Learners

eLearning presents an incredible opportunity to connect employees to high quality learning opportunities in the context of their workday- but there’s nothing more frustrating than a terrible elearning course. Poorly designed elearning courses can make your employees so frustrated they lose interest in any kind of learning opportunities, no matter how well designed. Whether you’re… Read more »

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Solving the 'iPad Problem'

As consumers, learners and others go increasingly mobile, the glaring weakness in many eLearning platforms becomes more obvious. Most eLearning authors embed much of their learning experience in Flash movies– which are incompatible with Apple’s mobile devices. The iPad– and to a lesser extent the iPhone– have come to dominate their markets and consumers want… Read more »

Microsoft Outlook Training: 7 Great Outlook Productivity Tips

Microsoft Outlook Training: 7 Great Outlook Productivity Features

In the modern workplace, time is a scarce commodity. While email has made communication faster and easier, without proper maintenance our email inboxes can become another source of workplace stress. Applying the proper tools to inbox organization will help you to use email as the powerful communication tool it is meant to be. Microsoft Outlook… Read more »

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Office Ergonomics: Staying Safe and Healthy in the Workplace

It may not seem like working in an office environment would pose many dangers to personal safety. However, if the proper ergonomic procedures are not used, employees can develop and suffer from serious long-term injuries that can affect their day-to-day lives. Simple ergonomic techniques such as adjusting your seat to the correct level, using footrests,… Read more »