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What Microsoft’s Elimination of Employee-Ranking Program Means for eLearning

Microsoft’s controversial employee-ranking program met its end this week as the company strives to build a more collaborative culture. While this internal move won’t directly impact consumers, the shift illustrates a larger change in corporate culture and the elearning industry towards a more personalized approach. Microsoft leadership and employees alike have blamed the ranking program… Read more »

Bloodborne Pathogens

Reduce Risk of Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure with Comprehensive Employee Training

Worried about bloodborne disease? Working in a high-risk environment? Get the knowledge you need to lower your bloodborne pathogen exposure risks with our tips and training! What are bloodborne pathogens? OSHA defines bloodborne pathogens as infectious microorganisms in human blood that can cause disease in humans. Pathogens are microorganisms including disease causing viruses, bacteria, funguses, and… Read more »

How To Brand Your Training Programs So They'll Last

Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post is by Sharlyn Lauby, president of ITM Group Inc., a management development training firm located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. ITM Group is documenting their journey into eLearning as part of a guest series for OpenSesame. Check out her earlier posts on “How To Write the Perfect Learning Objective” and “Planning… Read more »

Customer Service Form

Course of the Week Highlight

Welcome to our new Course of the Week highlight! Each week, we’ll highlight not one, but FOUR awesome deals from these categories: Business Skills, Compliance & Safety, Industry Specific (Construction, Medical, Restaurants, etc), and Tech & Software.   This week’s featured courses are:   Business Skills Front Line Stars by Sales and Service Training Center… Read more »

Office Health Sneeze

FREE Flu Prevention Training Course

A healthy office = happy employees and increased productivity. Keep your workplace healthy this flu season, and avoid productivity loss due to an excess of sick days. We have officially entered the 2013-2014 flu season, so protect yourself and your employees as soon as possible! While the CDC reports influenza activity has remained low so far… Read more »

Workplace Bullying

Adult Bullying on the Job: An Epidemic

Editors Note: This guest post is from Patti Massey, President of Myca Multimedia & Training Solutions. A successful entrepreneur for more than 20 years, Patti has been working in the elearning field since 2002. This October, ABC World News reported on bullying in the workplace. The correspondent stated that a recent survey done by the… Read more »

Linchpin Cover

Books We Read: Linchpin Part 4

This week we finished our summer internship reading of Linchpin by Seth Godin and covered the chapters “Making the Choice,” “The Culture of Connection,” “The Seven Abilities of the Linchpin,” and “When it Doesn’t Work.” We took issue with a lot of what Godin says, but agreed with a good amount as well. Here are… Read more »

Social Networks

INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media Tips for OpenSesame Sellers

At OpenSesame, we take pride in partnerships with our sellers and affiliates. We are constantly seeking to extend and enrich those partnerships, and we think social media is a great way to do so! We’ve created this infographic to provide tips for you, our sellers, on how to optimize your social networking. You’ll learn the… Read more »

Bringing Sass to Safety: Must-Watch Music Video from Virgin America

The classic image of a smiling flight attendant demonstrating how to buckle your seat belt just got a major overhaul. Virgin America has redefined the flight safety video by intermixing contortionists, child rappers and dance numbers with announcements about exits and oxygen masks. The unique approach to a commonly ignored speech is garnering lots of… Read more »


OpenSesame’s CourseCloud™

OpenSesame’s goal is to become the world’s leading elearning marketplace by creating useful, simple tools that unlock elearning for your business. As an elearning marketplace, we’re focused on making it easy for you to use elearning courses in whatever way is most convenient for you. That’s why courses you purchase on OpenSesame will work in… Read more »

New and Improved: Getting to Know your Buyer Dashboard

We’ve been busy here at OpenSesame over the last few weeks completing our redesign of the user dashboard. Our goal for these improvements is to provide more of the data you need in a simple, straightforward interface. The updated look includes more tabs to track budgets, usage, returns and more. Ready to jump in? Join… Read more »

Stressed Employee

Top 3 eLearning Customer Complaints

With the rapid expansion of the online training industry, it seems like there is a new LMS or content provider announced every day. Many seek to fill a perceived content gap in the market—offering only tech courses or focusing on the healthcare sector—but few seek to address additional customer pain points. A recent survey by… Read more »

Happy Halloween

Training Courses for Halloween!

We’re getting into the Halloween holiday spirit here at OpenSesame! To help you celebrate this fun holiday, we’ve picked the best Halloween themed courses from our catalogue. Help your employees have a little fall fun with these ghoulishly great courses! Harassment House of Horrors Enter, if you dare, the harassment house of horrors in this… Read more »

Happy Halloween


October is National Fire Prevention Month. Are you prepared to deal with a fire emergency? Get the fire safety training you need and review these resources–US Fire Administration, National Fire Protection Association–to ensure you’re able to protect your home and business. Get the facts about fire with our infographic.  

Telling the Truth: 3 Steps for Ethical Decision Making

Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post is from Robert Rosell, President of Quality Media Resources, Inc. (QMR). He has written and produced over 50 award-winning educational and training programs aimed at helping organizations develop respectful workplace relationships. A few years ago, Radio Shack CEO David Edmondson resigned after it was revealed the degrees he claimed on… Read more »